Jake is ONE!


I can hardly believe the year has come and gone. We celebrated Jake today with “mickey mouse” pancakes, cake and lots of snuggles.  This sweet boy keeps us laughing and fully entertained.  He is twenty pounds, my biggest one-year old by far.

He loves bananas, balls and his three doting sisters.




baby Jake,

You are a sweet boy, tough and determined.  I pray that your life will be marked by the sweet grace of Jesus, that you will look at the tough moments as opportunity and with determination, you will love well.  I love you my sunshiny boy.

Cheers to another trip around the sun.  Stay Wild!


Playing in the Garden

We ventured out to our garden today to harvest our greens. Thanks to my mother-in-law and Pete we have a lot of green this Spring making our backyard look all sorts of pretty. The girls really love exploring the garden, today we found all kinds of bugs. Nora named the caterpillar, Hannah and the beetle, Lilly. (two of her sweet friends from co-op) Even Jake got in on the fun when Nora dropped “Hannah” on top of him. After a large harvest we cleaned it all up and then made some yummy warm greens for lunch. The girls love “farm to table” especially their own.

IMG_6455 IMG_6458 IMG_6460 IMG_6461 IMG_6463 IMG_6465 IMG_6474 PicTapGo-Image PicTapGo-Image-2


Annika is 7!

This year for Annika’s birthday she requested a family party, a tie dye cake and gift cards galore!  I think its so funny that at age 7 she has already caught on to the beauty  of a gift card.  When making her birthday gift wish list she asked me to add an IPad to the list.  I quickly explained that it was too much money and it wasn’t going on the list.  She then came back with, “Well someone could just get me a gift card for an IPad!”  I got a good laugh and then explained how a gift card works for the giver and the receiver.  Not sure if she took it all in.  Due to just bringing Jake home we decided to hunker down at home for the party day, with an exception of a donut run first off.  Then my bestie, Alishia, and her kiddos came over and surprised Annika with balloons, gifts and fun play time.  After lunch the kids had a “fruit pizza making party”.  IMG_5349 IMG_5362 IMG_5365 IMG_5389 IMG_5390 IMG_5508 IMG_5416

Sweet Annika,
I love you so much. You are full of compassion and a light that will never be blown out. I hope that this seventh year is so fun and full of adventure for you. I look forward to seeing who you become over this next year. Honey girl, you are the one that made me a mama and I am so grateful to have the honor. You are amazing!


Jacob Michael Davis Jr. (a birth story)

Friday morning during breakfast I said to the girls, “It’s a great day to have a baby!”
Then we loaded up in the car to run a few errands. I rounded the corner behind the car and slipped on some leftover ice from our most recent freeze. I caught myself with my right hand but it too hit ice and quickly slid out from under me as I hit the concrete on my right side. The pain in my right shoulder was horrible but I got up and went in the house to have a good cry. Five minutes later with all of the girls in the car waiting on me I went to open our driveway gate only to be met with an ice rink in our alley! Again my feet failed me and I landed on my butt of course using both hands to try and break my fall. The double impact on my right shoulder was not going to be ignored. I proceeded to crawl my way to real concrete, pick myself up and walk to the car, tears streaming down my face. I lifted my right hand to shift gears, but was met with my hand still in my lap. I couldn’t pick up my arm. The girls unloaded and we went inside. After a friend came by to look at my shoulder and another friend advised me to head to the hospital for baby observation I was wrecked. I had grand plans of spontaneous labor and all I saw were my dreams dissipating with this excruciating pain. Jake came home and we headed to triage. After x-rays and monitoring everything looked ok, however they could not get an ortho consult on Friday at 5! My doctor really felt like delivering was the best option because of the unknown with my shoulder. So after breaking my water labor progressed beautifully. An epidural later we came to 2am on my due date. After setting everything up with nurses on both sides and Jake at the ready I pushed for about five minutes. I remember the doctor saying, “ok, lets see what it is?” She then proceeded to pull the baby out and upside down in the air. I looked straight ahead and saw all the little boy parts. Emotions overwhelmed us all (even one of the nurses started to cry with us).
And that is how baby Jake came into this world.
Turns out I have a hairline fracture near my rotator cuff, 6-8 weeks and all will be well.

IMG_5426 IMG_5276 IMG_5290-2 IMG_5279 IMG_5215IMG_5211


It’s been one year

One year ago today my girl, Annika, handed me this purple glitter bracelet after we both cried through her very first blood glucose check that would change her entire life. It has been one year. She has been hospitalized twice. She has received 1500 injections.  It has been a year of trial and error, but I am so very grateful to be walking alongside my sweet girl.  I am so grateful for the people in our lives that supported us through this year.
Annika, I am so proud of you. You are an amazing girl and God has an incredible plan for you.